About Us

Welcome to Elite Smiles Chastain!

Our patients are our top priority! We strive to exceed expectations in treatment and office experience. From patient friendly office hours to our convenient locations with parking at the front door, we are here to serve you.

We appreciate your interest in our practice. To start your journey towards the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve, contact us at (404) 303-7400 to schedule a consultation.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Michael Sebastian is a cofounder and CEO of Elite Smiles Chastain, a revolutionary combination of orthodontics and pediatric dentistry whose goal is to simplify and improve the quality of children’s dentistry. A speaker, teacher, author, and orthodontic specialist since 1987; he has written, lectured, and educated thousands of dentists along with completing over 15,000 orthodontic patients. From 5 year-olds’ skeletal malformations to 76 year-olds’ crooked teeth, Dr. Sebastian has successfully corrected these and everything in between. He has developed a special interest in airway of the developing child, and is currently at the forefront in diagnosis, appliance design, and treatment.

Meet Our Staff

Penny has been with Elite Smiles since 2014 but has worked in the dental field for more than 18 years. She has worked in labs creating retainers, implants, veneers, crowns and is also a certified orthodontic assistant. You might say, “She can do it all!”

Penny’s warning label: Humor Ahead! Guaranteed to make you laugh!
Her dream vacation: Travel around Europe for a month seeing all the famous landmarks.
Spirit Animal: Lion because they are majestic and proud.

Ashley has been an orthodontic assistant for 14 years, joining our practice in 2016. She is a dedicated worker and enjoys the hands-on aspect of orthodontics and getting to know her patients. Ashley’s warning label: Laughter Ahead- combating awkwardness one chuckle at a time! Her dream vacation: Travel to the sunny shores of Hawaii. Spirit Animal: Dolphin because they flip and swim all day long!

Rebecca started her career in the sterilization lab and has trained for several years to become a top orthodontic assistant! Her sister and mother both work in the dental field, so obviously good oral health runs in the family! Rebecca’s warning label: Spicy! Her dream vacation: Watching the sunset in the Greek Islands. Her Spirit Animal: Dolphin because they are smart and play all day!